A Year Full of Color


Are you looking for new ways to use color in your creativity?

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An unequalled experience in the practical application of color

Cynthia (TWELVTY 2017)

TWELVTY 2018 starts in February.

Grab your place for just £97.00

What happens in TWELVTY?

The roadmap for our TWELVTY adventure is the Color Wheel.

The color wheel: the road map for our adventure

We take each segment of the color wheel: All 12 of the primary, secondary and tertiary (those delicious in-betweeny) colors and explore them one at a time.

You’ll receive 12 deliciously illustrated ebooks full of color related information, ideas and resources to download and keep forever.

There’s a creative community to share the adventure & collaborate with in a private online forum.

We have regular prompts & challenges throughout the program to inspire fresh ways of seeing & using colors.

You can develop a body of work based on the colors as you progress through the course.

You’ll build an inspirational resource you’ll keep coming back to again and again, by gathering tips and techniques shared exclusively to our group.

You can work at your own pace, integrating what you learn in TWELVTY into your usual creative practice, one color at a time.

Challenge yourself to play with the colors you don’t usually choose.

Penn has a way of holding space that immediately transports us into a realm of curious joy and vision. Her presence is welcoming and her guidance gentle and inspiring... which opens up the free spirited child within and for me felt like coming home in my artist's skin.

Hali Karla 
Hali Karla


Are you caught up in the same familiar colors and want to explore more? Explore the color wheel with me!

Registration for TWELVTY 2018 is open now! 

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Get a year full of color for just £97.00

The origins of TWELVTY

In 2012 I embarked on a year long personal project, I named it 12 in 12,  my plan was to explore 12 colors in 12 months.

I was processing some big life shifts at the time and I wanted something uncomplicated to pour my creativity into. It was an escape, a place to play.

The project took the form of an art journal where I experimented and played with just one rule: for each month I used only one color.

I began blogging about this journey around the color wheel. (Looking back now I notice this is when the word TWELVTY first crept into my lexicon.)

By the end of the year I'd created a this book.

It's still with me in my studio as a resource for inspiration - something I didn't foresee when I began this project.

TWELVTY 2018 starts in February.

Grab your place for just £97.00


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Sharing the journey: TWELVTY 2017

As I showed my book of 12 colors to more of my artist friends, the idea of revisiting a year full of color began to develop.

In 2017 I ran TWELVTY shared the adventure with other creatives as an online program for the first time.

Since then it’s taken on a momentum and is developing a character of its own. (As big projects so often do.)



Together we're exploring the color wheel, one color at a time. 

Throughout the year I've collected a feast of color resources to share with the group, and so TWELVTY has become established.

In 2018 I'll be offering a companion program: TWELVTY EXTRA where we'll be playing with  pairs and trios of colors and exploring how they interact together. MORE on this coming soon!

The TWELVTY 2017 Art Journal

To keep the spirit of the original idea alive I'm making a color-a-month art journal throughout 2017.

The book I'm using this year is a repurposed World Atlas. Which seems fitting - as this is a journey around the color wheel! 

Each month in 2017 has a color, each color has a few pages in this book.

Month by month the book is getting fatter with collaged left overs from the month's art projects,  doings and makings.

Layers upon layers that remind me of the journey, and that sew the seeds for future projects.  This is the story so far...

Twelvty-Ten: Red-Orange

Twelvty-Nine: Red

Twelvty-Eight: Red-Violet

Twelvty-Seven: Violet

Twelvty-Six: Blue-Violet

Twelvty-Five: Blue

Twelvty-Four: Blue-Green

Twelvty-Three: Green

Twelvty-Two: Yellow-Green

Twelvty-One: Yellow


Fill your year with colorful creative adventures!

Registration for TWELVTY 2018 is open! YAY! 

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Penn captures the wisdom of the ages and delivers it with transforming grace and clarity. You will laugh like a child while simultaneously nodding A-ha! What a gift!

Nicole Edgecombe
Nicole Edgecombe


What's your TWELVTY?

TWELVTY is designed to integrate into any creative practice.

If your creative practice includes color, TWELVTY can make it shine!

What really lights you up? 

  • Photography
  • Art Journalling, Mixed Media
  • Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting
  • Drawing, Illustration
  • Weaving, Fibre & Textile Art
  • Film, Video, Vlogging
  • Poetry, Prose, Playwriting
  • Portrait Painting
  • Embroidery, Tapestry
  • Quilting, Patchwork
  • Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Collage, Assemblage
  • Digital Art, Animation
  • Jewellery, Beading
  • Knitting, Crochet, Yarn-craft 
  • What else?
  • .....

TWELVTY 2018 starts in February.

Grab your place for just £97.00

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"Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it."

- Paul Klee.