12 colors in 12 months

An adventure in color throughout 2017


Do you need more color in your life?

I've already got plans bubbling away in the background for a new incarnation of TWELVTY! ... the format will be a little different for next year, but the it will be just as colourful! Wanna find out more?

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What is TWELVTY?

It’s ...

• a year-long program for creatives.

• a journey around the color wheel where we dive deep exploring just one color per month.

• a community of artists, creatives, idea explorers who have taken the challenge to explore one color at a time in their creative practice

•  a chance to join my working process as I take on a new single color project each month.

•  a feast of resources, prompts and content designed to inspire you and to integrate into any creative practice.

and a it's totally made up word 😉

The color wheel: the road map for our adventure


I was inspired by a personal project I made through 2012: an art journaling project I called 12 in 12.

This,  in turn, had been inspired by the textile artist, Marlene Glickman's "Day by Day: Pieces of Life" from her Daily Color Series.

Marlene spoke about devoting a whole month to just one color: 12 colors in the color wheel make a year full of color.

The idea lit me up: I had to try this.

And this year, I had to revisit the idea again.

Such is the way of a compelling idea that will not let you rest until it completely plays itself out.


"12 in 12" The Year full of Color Book 2012

The TWELVTY 2017 Art Journal

To keep the spirit of the original idea alive I've got a color-a-month art journal running throughout this year too.

The book I'm using this year is a worn out old World Atlas. Seems fitting - this is a journey around the color wheel. 

Month by month the book is getting fatter with collaged left overs from the month's doings and makings.

Layers upon layers that remind me of the journey, and that sew the seeds for future projects.




Penn has a way of holding space that immediately transports us into a realm of curious joy and vision. Her presence is welcoming and her guidance gentle and inspiring... which opens up the free spirited child within and for me felt like coming home in my artist's skin.

Hali Karla 
Hali Karla

What do you get in TWELVTY?

•   12 deliciously illustrated eBooks to download and keep forever.

• Regular news letters and videos showing my creative process exclusive to our group.

• A wealth of information & resources about each of the colors & how to use them alone and with each other.

• A creative community to share the adventure & collaborate within a private online forum.   

• An  invitation to create a body of work individually and in collaboration through the year, to make a resource you'll keep coming back to again and again.

•  Exclusive discounts on the art I make throughout this project.


Check the Q&A here  or  ask me here 


Entry for the 2018 project is opening later in the year - If you've any questions or would like more info get in touch.

Penn captures the wisdom of the ages and delivers it with transforming grace and clarity. You will laugh like a child while simultaeously nodding A-ha! What a gift!

Nicole Edgecombe
Nicole Edgecombe


What's your TWELVTY?

The beauty of a program like this is you can adapt it to your own style. Taking your inspiration from one color could take many forms.

I'm really excited to see what YOU bring to TWELVTY -  What makes you really light up? 

  • Photography
  • Art Journalling, Mixed Media
  • Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting
  • Drawing, Illustration
  • Weaving, Fibre & Textile Art
  • Film, Video, Vlogging
  • Poetry, Prose, Playwriting
  • Portrait Painting
  • Embroidery, Tapestry
  • Quilting, Patchwork
  • Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Collage, Assemblage
  • Digital Art, Animation
  • Jewellery, Beading
  • Knitting, Crochet, Yarn-craft 
  • What else?
  • .....

"Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it."

- Paul Klee.