12 colors in 12 months

An adventure in color throughout 2017

What is TWELVTY?

It’s ...

• a brand new, year-long program running throughout 2017

• a 12 month adventure journeying all round the color wheel's 12 colors, one at a time

• a brand new community of artists, creatives, idea explorers... 

•  a unique insight into my creative practices & a chance to share yours within the tribe

•  a feast of resources, prompts and content to inspire you.

•  a program designed to integrate into any creative practice.

• and a it's totally made up word 😉

Penn is brilliant at creating an environment of fun, introspection and gentle creativity. I had a fabulous time making visual poetry and seeing how it reflected my life so simply.

Connie Solera - Dirtyfootprints Studio

Penn has a way of holding space that immediately transports us into a realm of curious joy and vision. Her presence is welcoming and her guidance gentle and inspiring... which opens up the free spirited child with and for me felt like coming home in my artist's skin.

Hali Karla 
Hali Karla

What do you get in TWELVTY?


Lots of ideas you can integrate into your existing creative practice.

• A peak into my creative process exclusive to our group with weekly news letters.

•   12 deliciously illustrated eBooks to download and keep forever.

• A wealth of information & resources about each of the colors & how they work together.

• A creative community to share the adventure & collaborate with.

•  Exclusive discounts on the art I make throughout this project.

• A private online forum to explore ideas, insights and inspiration.

Penn captures the wisdom of the ages and delivers it with transforming grace and clarity. You will laugh like a child while simultaeously nodding A-ha! What a gift!

Nicole Edgecombe
Nicole Edgecombe


I've loved color - some might say to the point of obsession - for as long as I can remember.  I live by it - if I have to organise or systematise anything, most times, I’ll find a way to do it by color.

I surround myself with it. I'm fascinated by it. I always dream in color - and it's  proper vivid HD kinda color!  

I like to use all the colors all the time. Like you can see here 😉


12 Colors in 12 Months

Five years ago I set myself a project to restrict the art I made in this one book to a single color at a time. I figured I could use a different color each month and cycle my way around the color wheel in a year.

What I made was the project I called 12 in 12. This was the precursor to TWELVTY.

I love this book, I've kept it with me and it still inspires me all these years later. I flip through the pages and it's full of memories for me. But of course when I set out on this I had no idea what was ahead.

The Year full of Color Book 2012

Now, I've got a confession to make. 

When I set out on this, I really didn't know I'd see it through.

A year long commitment with no-one to hold me accountable? Srsly - just one color?  NO cheating? NO flipping ahead to another month to play in a different color? Not even a weeny bit?

And y'know what - I did see it through, I did exactly as I planned and I found the limitation of the single color palette just made me all the more inventive in the art I made. Just the right amount of challenge.

It turned out a month was a perfect length of time for me. No matter how busy life got, I found the odd evening here and there - a bit of weekend - an insomnia fuelled night - to fill the 2 or 3 pages I allotted for each color.

Just right to explore & play with the paints and pens, the collage scraps, the fabric snips and trimming bits I rooted out in that month's color.

But crucially, not long enough to get bored with it and give up!

12 in 12

The original "12 in 12" book looked like this...

One element of TWELVTY 2017 is an art journal.  Here's how it's looking so far:

Check the Q&A here  or  ask me here 


What happens in TWELVTY?

We're going to …


->   Explore the color wheel, one color each month

->   Dig deep into the lush richness of each color in a monthly eBook

->   Look at the meanings and connections associated with each color

->   Share and discuss our creative process & projects.

->  Examine how & where each color appears in our lives, where we find it, how it makes us feel. 

->   Create a body of work individually and in collaboration.

->   Shine brightly & delight in all that is colorful!




What's your TWELVTY?

The beauty of a program like this is you can adapt it to your own style. Taking your inspiration from one color could take many forms.

I'm really excited to see what YOU bring to TWELVTY -  What makes you really light up? 

  • Photography
  • Art Journalling, Mixed Media
  • Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting
  • Drawing, Illustration
  • Weaving, Fibre & Textile Art
  • Film, Video, Vlogging
  • Poetry, Prose, Playwriting
  • Portrait Painting
  • Embroidery, Tapestry
  • Quilting, Patchwork
  • Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Collage, Assemblage
  • Digital Art, Animation
  • Jewellery, Beading
  • Knitting, Crochet, Yarn-craft 
  • What else?
  • .....

"Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it."

- Paul Klee.