All through 2017 you can find
the fruits of my TWELVTY color adventures in my

Etsy Shop

A new color every month!


I add new goodies every month - keep checking back!

Twelvty-One: Yellow

Mixed media collages made from

Re-purposed book pages and found paper.
Hand painted & printed;
Embellished with stitching & beads.

Mounted on canvas and ready to hang.

from £36 GBP + shipping

Only ten available: catch 'em while you can!

Greeting cards available too.

Twelvty-Two: Yellow-Green

Textile Collages made from

Layers of hand-dyed recycled fabric,
ribbons, yarns & painted paper.

Stitched & embroidered together with
buttons, beads and happy thoughts.

Mounted on canvas and ready to hang.

from £55 GBP + shipping

Only seven available: catch 'em while you can!


Vector Cats

T-shirts - Travel Mugs - Pillows - Phone Case - Art Print - Hoodies - Laptop Sleeve - so much more!

I love cats. So I made these.

Each of the Vector Cats originates from one of just five lovingly hand crafted cat vector shapes, which is then individually coloured and digitally tweaked in Photoshop to add their unique character.

Vector cats are friendly, don't need feeding or letting out in the middle of the night. Hypo-allergenic on account of their digital fur 😉


These guys are available now on mugs, phone cases, Tees, Hoodies & all good stuff.

Vector Cat Shop @ Society6