With a few different studio projects running alongside each other it’s easier to maintain the flow of ideas. And when the ideas run dry, I always come back to 

Art Journals

I always have art journals, sketchbooks and bundles of paper around me to mop up and capture what I call ‘butterflies’, the words & phrases, the splashes of color or snippets of stuff that flitter through. These are idea seeds that, if not caught in book, will probably vanish forever. 

I hop from page to page in no particular order and very little thought, I don’t look where I’m going and I don’t care how it looks. 

In time these become visual diaries that accidentally illustrate a season, derived from an unconscious channelling of ideas who appear from ‘nowhere’. 

In my studio now...

The 100 day project is a free global art project that anyone can participate in

Beginning 3rd April 2018

This is a series of 5 paintings. Big paintings. On canvas!

(This is not what I usually make!)

Every day for 100 days I’m sharing on Instagram how the layers of paint, drawing and collage add up, amid the less tangible layers of my creative practice: the layers of ideas that show up along the way, the twists and turns of insight and inspiration.

Wanna see?


2018 Sketchbook Project

2018 sketchbookproject by mixy cover

A Wandering Doodle

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-funded sketchbook museum and community space, open to everyone to participate in.

My book will be heading over to the Brooklyn Art Library very soon, to join the 36,597 (and counting) books in the collection. 

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