Hi, I'm Penn. If you know me through social media, you may know me as Mixy. 


photo by Darrah Parker

I am a mixed media & textile artist, a thing maker.

From the youngest age I've known this, although I took a diversion into 'proper grown up jobs' for a while on the way.

I'm happiest when I'm playing with colors and patterns, making messy paint projects. These are the times I can connect back to myself, let go of the chaos of the outside world, and reset my world.

I believe we all need to find a way to do this. I love to share my process and help others find their way to escape into creativity.

I'm always learning, always looking, making connections and musing on meanings.

I almost always have paint on my hands and quite often my clothes too.

I love to share my fascinations of the moment, my wonderments, my thinkings. You can read about these in my blog, but for a much more muchier source of my thoughts and offerings to the world, be the first to know with monthly updates delivered right to your inbox.

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Penn is brilliant at creating an environment of fun, introspection and gentle creativity. I had a fabulous time making visual poetry and seeing how it reflected my life so simply.

Connie Solera - Dirtyfootprints Studio