Hi, I'm Penn. If you know me through social media, you may know me as Mixy. 


photo by Darrah Parker

I am a mixed media & textile artist, a thing maker.

I'm happiest when I'm playing with colors, words, textiles, making messy paint projects. When I'm lost in the universes of my imagination, or in that slippery liminal place between awake and asleep. (Especially there).

I like the quiet parts of the day right at each end, the bits where most others are sleeping, the quiet helps me hear all the ideas that are buzzing around.

I'm always learning, always looking, making connections and musing on meanings.

I almost always have paint on my hands and quite often my clothes too.

I love to share my fascinations of the moment, my wonderments, my thinkings. You can read about these in my blog, but for a much more muchier source of my thoughts and offerings to the world, be the first to know with monthly updates delivered right to your inbox.

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