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The 100 Day Project

A daily drawing practice for Summer 2017.

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All through this summer I’m taking my morning coffee, not with the usual onslaught of information from social media, but with a new friend: this little sketchbook.

Together we ease into the day. The light mornings mean my days begin earlier in the summer, it’s still quiet out in the world and nobody knows I’m awake, not even the internet. Shhhh!

I'm someone who obsessively takes photos wherever I go, from shop window displays to interesting plants, shapes, patterns, or just great combinations of color.  It means I've got phone full of inspiration, and finally an outlet! Each day I choose one of these images to inspire my morning doodles.

Every day I learn more, not just about drawing.

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TWELVTY 2017: Year of Color

2017 is all about color. This year I'm taking a journey round the color wheel, one color per month.

This adventure is called TWELVTY.

Everything I've ever painted, dreamt & doodled has been leading up to this year & this adventure.

Each month this year I'm creating a collection of mixed art in just one color.  

Month by month you can find color inspiration for the month over in Instagram, and you can purchase the fruits of my one-color work & in my Etsy shop.

I'm sharing this journey with a fabulous group of inspiring artists.  Together, each month, we take another step around the color wheel. Another adventure in another color.


January is all about Yellow: everything lemony lush, bright sunshine color to welcome in the new year.
February is a month of Yellow-Green, bright lime to opulent olive.
March is all the verdant grassy Greens, the colors of springtime.
April is Blue-Green, the aqua turquoise and teal tones of mermaids & peacocks.
May is all cool Blue, from cloudless sky through to deepest midnight.
June is Blue-Violet - from inky midnight indigo through bluebell & lavender to misty lilac.
July is Violet - delicate mauves through to the opulence and luxury of deepest purples.
August is Red-Violet - magenta to lilac and a hint of pink.
September is Red - rich ruby, berry, crimson & scarlet.
October  is Red-Orange - fiery flame & autumn shades of rustic russet.
November is Orange - warm glowing tones of tangerines & marigolds.
December is Yellow-Orange, the amber sunset at the close of the year brings us full circle.


Do you need more color in your life?

I've got plans bubbling away in the background for a new incarnation of TWELVTY! ... the format will be a little different for next year, but the it will be just as colourful!

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Some of us come on earth seeing.
Some of us come on earth seeing color.

~Louise Nevelson

Tree of Life. Digital Painting.

Penn brings a beautiful mix of playful yet calming energy that allowed me to connect to myself and the others in the group on a deep level without all the seriousness.

Kristal Norton
Kristal Norton

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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

~ Rumi

Making personal, authentic art gives the rest of the world permission to do the same... What begins quietly in your studio by no means stays there. It becomes part of something moving, something bigger.

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